minipad2 is a tiny program which integrates many useful functions including notepad, calculator, reminder, dictionary, launcher, address list, text template & clipboard-enhancement, with very low system-requirement and memory take-up. All the contents are automatically saved while minimized or closed, and when re-opened the last state will be restored.

The program can be freely switched between two styles: multi-page style and treeview style. When no longer used, it can be minimized to the system-tray, or hide outside of the desktop.

The program provides very flexible configurations. Besides the basic notepad function, all the other extended functions (calculator, reminder...) are like plug-ins which can be freely enabled or disabled in the options.

minipad2 is a single-exe green software. It can be directly used when unzipped to any directory without installation. It adds no key to the system registry, except for the "Run" key when set as start with windows.

The current version of minipad2 is 3.2.0£¬updated in November 28th, 2010.

minipad2 is a freeware, this means you can freely use, copy, send or distribute this program, but should promise to keep the completion of the program including the installation package, you should not modify it or bind any plugins without permission of the author. To bind and sale it with other softwares is also not allowed.

The author provides free technical support for this program by Email and Forum, but takes no responsibility for any possible results by using this freeware.

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